We have just the right mixture of interesting events to provide you with an easy and comfortable transition to the area. We encourage you to become a part of a growing and thriving community, develop new relationships, and enjoy the friendship and fellowship of other newcomers.

We welcome you to Moorestown and hope you will experience for yourself why we were voted the Best Place to live in America!

Have a Question First?

Perfect for meeting new people!

Moorestown Neighbors and Newcomers offers a variety of activities for women, couples, and families. If you are interested in meeting other people from Moorestown it would be the perfect organization to join.

Becky Levinson

Met best friends for life!

Many years ago I babysat for the families while they attended MNNC events, and I went on to join the club as a member when I returned to the area after college. Today, I can honestly say that some of my very best friends I met through the club.

Heather Colella

Made Adjusting An Ease!

It is extremely difficult to move to a new town with small children. The MNNC eased that transition by allowing me to meet friends and attend family activities with my kids, as well as fun adult activities. I am proud to be part of such a caring and fun community.

Ilana Benyosef Brodsky

Put Yourself Out There

When I first moved to Moorestown I went to the September Meet and Greet, joined the club, but as an introvert did not attend any of the events. I attended the Meet and Greet the next year and spoke with then President Nancy Novak. She told me of her many moves for her husband’s business and that she learned that you just “have to put yourself out there”. I took her advice, and wonders of wonders, I have made several wonderful new friends, and I am now on the Board managing the Ladies Lunches, Outings, and the new Movie of the Month activity. I “put myself out there” and am now a happy camper because of this wonderful, inclusive club.